The 3 Monkeys Difference

3 Monkeys, Not Just Different, BETTER

What sets us apart from all the other solderless cables:
Plugs and cable designed and patented by us,
we didn't just take an existing design and resell it
• No Wire Stripping Required
• Plugs Just Screw Onto Cable (Fast and Easy)
• No Set Screw to Lose
• Largest Center Core Cable (16AWG, 19 strands) 
• Low Capacitance Cable (28-30pF/Foot)
• World's Smallest 1/4" Solderless Plug (.3" / 7.95mm)
• We invented and patented the 2.1mm Solderless DC Plug
• Plugs can be straight or right angle
• Cable works with both our DC and 1/4" Plugs