Ricky Laurent

January 05, 2015

This 21 yr old guitar wonder recently rocked 45,000 people at Olympic Stadium (Montreal) using his Orangutan combo.

Born on November 7 th, 1990 in Gatineau, Quebec, it soon becomes quite obvious to Ricky Laurent’s family that Ricky and music are made for one another.

At age nine, after having discovered his love of the guitar, the budding musician precociously sells his motocross bike to buy a brand new guitar. His pursuits of sports and other activities not only take a backseat to his love of music but are obliterated to make way for what would eventually become a bona fide mission.

    Fast forward a few years and a chance meeting in a music store is the initiation of an electrifying venture with a producer called Momo from the Momozone. They begin a creative journey which harvests into a third album called “Inside Out’’, a collection of Rock, Blues, psychedelic riffs, and Hooks. Their vintage influences treated with modern sounds infuse the record’s high fi /low-fi mood.

    Recognizing the industry’s shift, Ricky decides with Momo’s support to embark on non traditional ways of connecting with the world. Their various efforts soon draw Ubisoft to the project with the exiting offering of Ricky’s spokesman-ship for their new guitar game: Rocksmith. The Rocksmith deal is only the beginning as Ricky is then asked to record a song produced with Momo for the latest Ghost Recon video game franchise.

    As the 21 year old guitar abilities mature he is often sought out for exclusive performances such as most recently at the Olympic Stadium where he delivered awe-inspiring renditions of the national anthems (Canadian and American) to a crowd of nearly 45,000 people.

    Ricky is now actively capturing what is about to become his new sound (using a 3 Monkeys Orangutan), which takes up where ‘Inside Out’ left off.

    Gear Used:

    • Orangutan 1x12 Combo in Sonic Blue