Finally, a solderless 2.1mm DC plug for Pedals and Pedalboards!!

June 03, 2016

Finally, a solderless 2.1mm DC plug for Pedals and Pedalboards!!

2.1mm DC Solderless Connector for Pedalboards


Evolutionary? Revolutionary? Why hasn’t anybody thought of this yet? Why did an amp company have to think of this?

All questions we thought to ourselves when this idea occurred to us last year. 

We’ve all been using solderless 1/4” audio cables on our pedalboards for years. Hell, Greg has solderless cables from the 80’s that he still uses! So when Greg was building a new pedalboard for himself (for once) last year and was making some custom DC power cables, it dawned on him that if he could use solderless DC plugs, his board would go together faster and be neater at the same time. So he built a prototype of a 2.1mm DC solderless plug and went looking for a smaller diameter coaxial cable to use with it (so it would bend at 90º easier and also be distinguishable from the audio cable).

So here it is, a 2.1mm DC solderless plug, which can be used as a straight plug or right angle (90º) along with our small diameter solderless cable. True freedom from the currently bundled, cheap plastic DC plugs and cable.

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