Rogers Project Update

July 02, 2015

It all starts here. The brain of the amplifier.

Most guitar players/ techs know the similarities between early Fender and Marshall amplifiers, esp the Bassman.

Here we have the original master template for the 63 Splitfront from the Blockhead era of my life.

Yes it is the same one I used to make all those sweet Splitfronts more than 15 years ago… I cut a board out of paper grade phenolic sheet, and drill it out on the press. Eyelets will be inserted following this process.

We are going to modify the parts list a little to fit more closely the early Bassman circuit. An early JTM45 is essentially a Bassman, we just need to change a few parts values and we will get what we want.

Rogers has much love for these great amplifiers, … They often sound the way you wish your plexi did ;) This fact is not lost on him.

Stay tuned for more, gotta get back to work!