Rogers Project Circuit Wiring

July 07, 2015

Lets just keep rolling on this… Rogers' amp!!

This is the circuit card in progress.. here I am attaching the leads before putting the card into the chassis.

I use a harness jig for the production model amps. They all start off like this when I am in R&D, paying out the leads over length…. But once I get the amplifier lead dress performing to my liking I remove the board from the built proto amp and build a jig to copy the lead lengths for each wire. This method leads to consistent performance from amp to amp.

Lead dress is where you bring the amp to life. Done right, proper lead dress can be like tuning a racing engine. Its just not going to run right until this is perfect. When its perfect it can create small feedback loops that help the amp reject bad frequencies and reinforce the good ones. This also requires dog like hearing to accomplish. ARF!!!!

Stay tuned for more...