Rogers Project Lead Dress and Circuit Design

July 09, 2015

Before going on to todays progress reports I thought I would take a minute to say a few words about lead dress and circuit design. For some this is repetitive and for others it will be eye opening… But I really think everyone can benefit from these truths.

We have seen how component placement and lead dress can effect performance in anything but a subtle way. A well executed design will be synergistic. A circuit designed without regard to these principals WILL exhibit all kinds of unwanted loops and injection points for noise that will impede the performance you want in an amplifier.

Here is the main thrust--------> Most if not all mass produced printed circuit card amplifiers are designed by software. A schematic of the circuit is loaded into a program and the program spits out a layout. This layout determines the actual component placement as well as the placements for interconnections between all these parts (the traces).

Problem-----> The software has no regard for lead dress and it simply cannot do what a skilled engineer can.

Solution????----> An engineer must modify the circuit spat out by the software to make things work. This is usually what ends up happening. The software designed circuit never works exactly right and must be debugged as best as can be done. Progress can be made but the engineer will be hampered and ultimately frustrated by the fundamental weaknesses in the design. :(

Long story short, compromises will be necessary to allow for a moderate level of functionality and stability… always at the expense of "tone".

Hope you found this useful... Rogers update to follow… -Ossie