Rogers Project Wiring

July 09, 2015

Here we see the progress made on the Rogers Stevens amp. This post is more photo heavy as I feel I have said quite a bit already today.

This collage shows the order in which I build EVERY amp. It's a layered procedure. I start with wiring the octal sockets and then move on to the power supply. The leads from the power transformer are all carefully located per my design philosophy.

The switches, indicator lamp, IEC inlet and fuse holder are now in place and wired up. Zip ties keep the harness from shifting and provide reinforcement for each wire.

The output transformer is wired into the chassis. The leads are twisted on the primary and zip tied on the secondary side both are routed to avoid unwanted coupling.

Potentiometers are then bolted to the chassis and wired to one another…

Next the brain (main circuit board) is dropped in. I am very close now to the finish line, although this is by no means a race.

More to come…