Pedalboard Pedigree

December 06, 2016

You may be wondering why an amp company designed a DC Solderless connector for pedals and pedalboards? The easy answer is we saw a need for such a connector from our experience in building and wiring pedalboards (we're pedal guys). So how much experience do I personally have in building and wiring pedalboards? Quite a lot actually, here’s some history.

FXperts Custom Pedalboards

FXperts Custom Pedalboards (tolexed/carpeted in the living room of my apartment)

When I played in a semi-popular regional touring band in the late 80’s, I designed a carpeted pedalboard with a lift-off lid as there was no available version to buy. A few bands we played with saw my board and inquired about getting their own, so for a few years I made an sold boards to friends in other bands. A few years later in 1994 I started selling these boards online as a company called Fxperts Pedalboards (first pedalboard company online as far as I remember). I sold quite a few in the next 5 years or so, including ones to Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam), Sean Lennon, Greg Liesz, and Reeves Gabrels. When I started touring full-time as a guitar tech (which I've done now for 20+ years), I just couldn’t keep up with the demand and unfortunately let the company die on the vine. As a side note, another company took my design and started making pedalboards and I believe they are still in business. Flat Board Flat Pedalboard (built and wired for Audley Freed)

Brad Whitford Modular Pedalboard Modular Pedalboard (built and wired for Brad Whitford)

A few years later in the early 2000’s a friend had me build prototypes for a aluminum edged flat board that he wanted to start selling along with his Juicebox power supply. I would take over the company ( for him as it grew and I wanted to slow down on touring. He and another friend also designed a Modular pedalboard that’s main body was made of powder coated aluminum and had wooden end panels and space on the back for rack effects, a footswitchable effects loop box, power supply, patch bay, etc. I continued to sell these flat boards and Modular pedalboards for a few years until touring again took over my life.

Brad Whitford Pedalboard

3 Monkeys Amps Pedalboard for Brad Whitford (Aerosmith)

Wanting to retire from the road (at least part-time) I started 3 Monkeys Amps in late 2007 with Ossie Ahsen and Brad Whitford. I didn’t stop making or wiring pedalboards however and have done work for all the bands I’ve worked for such as Aerosmith, Green Day, Black Crowes, Linkin Park, etc. Most recently making a 3 Monkeys themed pedalboard for the last few Aerosmith tours.

To sum up, pedals and pedalboards are in our blood. Have any questions? Hit us up here.

---> Greg