RCA Solderless Audio Plug

★★★★★  "Quickest Car Audio Power Amp Install Ever" - Rashid J.

 Our RCA plugs are made of gold-plated brass for superior sound and durability with a low mass center pin for reduced Eddy currents. 

Tighten the included screw for peace of mind in auto installs.

Use these plugs with our new audiophile-grade triaxial cable (not compatible with any brand cable), which is double shielded with a silver-plated copper braided shield, and interior aluminum/mylar foil shield. The aluminum/mylar foil shield provides the ideal pathway to drain unwanted radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic (EM) noise present in automotive applications.

Triaxial cable has a high strand count premium copper core for a clearer more detailed sound and ideal skin effect and is .130” in diameter and formable for precise cable routing and a clean look. 

The highest assembly success rate of any D.I.Y. solderless cable system.

Caution: DO NOT use with CIOKS power supplies as you may damage your power supply or effects pedals!! 

(FYI CIOKS are positive tip, most pedals take negative tip)


U.S. PATENT 10,340,647

Lifetime Warranty  

Assembles just like our other connectors: https://youtu.be/q6GDJE4zp7A


Instructions for Assembly


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