3 Monkeys Solderless Cable by the foot (works with both DC and 1/4" Plugs)

Cable is sold by the foot and works with both DC and 1/4" plugs

★★★★★  "SOLDERLESS MAGIC! Very easy to assemble." -Sebastian 

Custom-made low-capacitance  (28-30pF/Foot), audiophile-grade coaxial cable .120” in diameter (so it will bend at 90º easier) you can use with our 2.1mm DC Plugs or our 1/4" Audio Plugs. Now you can cut your pedalboard cables to the perfect length from your power supply to your effects pedals (DC), or from effect pedal to effect pedal (audio). Available in 6 colors: Black, Red, Green, White, Yellow, and Orange. Purple is discontinued.

Cable comes in a continuous roll of the number of feet ordered.

Lifetime Warranty  

Designed and Built in the USA. 


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